The New Rules Of Getting Jacked After 40
Because Getting Ripped and Building Muscle After 40
Should Be Fun, Empowering, and Pain Free!
Getting jacked after 40 is the process of sculpting an impressive physique that commands respect.

Your efforts are rewarded with the feelings of confidence, pride and vitality.

It’s a badass, hardcore, and worthy goal!

...Yet the typical advice you come across on the internet is the exact opposite and provides you with every excuse to settle for less than your best.
Jacked After 40
Away With The Old Rules 
Most workout plans for men over 40 are built on the premise that we don't recover as well as we did in our 20's, which is true. But the solution they present you with is to workout LESS, which completely misses the mark.

No doubt about it... you'll recover like a champ! But the problem is that those old rules of getting jacked after 40 don't challenge your body enough to create an adaptive effect necessary to improve your physique.

As we age and the more experience we have under the bar, the more training volume we can handle. So if our body can handle MORE volume and more volume leads to greater progress -- why in the world would you do less?
In With The New Rules
The new rules of getting jacked after 40 challenge your body in a fun, hardcore, and joint-friendly manner. Causing adequate amounts of muscle damage to spark the growth response while providing adequate amount of recovery to repair, rebuild, and grow you muscles while shedding unwanted fat.

The new rules of getting jacked after 40 are built on advanced bodybuilding science that’s designed to work specifically for an aging physique that has spent a significant amount of time under the bar…

…A physique that’s faced its years of wear and tear. Yet with the proper approach has decades of growth and improvement ahead.

The new rules of getting jacked after 40 will have you walking out of the gym feeling invigorated, pumped, empowered, and alive!

Just like Sean who's become jacked after 40 by applying these new rules and is now in the best shape of his life...
Rule #1 Train MORE (Intelligently)
The best solution is to structure workouts for men over 40 in a way that allows you to safely increase volume while managing muscle damage and recovery...

...Easing you into the workout. Avoiding grinding reps. And safely pushing beyond momentary muscular failure at the appropriate time during the workout.

Here's how to structure a quality, efficient, and focused high volume workout to get jacked after 40...
Activation Move
You’ll begin your workout with a joint friendly isolation exercise performed in the moderate to high rep range. The purpose here is to activate your mind-muscle connection while driving nutrient rich blood to the target muscle.

For example, beginning with a leg extension when training legs is a great way to ease yourself into the workout.

By starting with an isolation exercise like this, you can really focus on feeling the target muscle contract and stretch. This heightened sense of awareness will set the tone for your workout and carry over to all other exercises.

And if you want to take that mind-muscle connection to the next level you can add a short squeeze at the peak of each contraction as demonstrated in this video by Rick, who’s over 50 and in the best shape of his life…
Big Lift #1
Now that your target muscle has been activated, it’s time for a couple of big compound lifts which give you the biggest bang for your buck. An exercise such as the incline barbell bench press for example.

You’ll perform 6-8 reps with this lift, but I don’t want to see you grinding out any reps here.

When you’re over 40 you need to be VERY SELECTIVE as to when you push an exercise to failure. Ideally, you should leave a rep or two in the tank with your first couple sets. Save your best set for last.

Quality form and technique is paramount with this lift. You should feel the tension in the target muscle… not the joint. Your mind-muscle connection should be strong here after having already performed the primer movement.
Big Lift #2
You’ll perform 8-12 reps with this lift. Here you can train closer to momentary muscular failure, while avoiding any forced reps.

Note: Do NOT perform any exercise that hurts when it comes to these big lifts. If barbell movements bother you, there are plenty of other alternative compound movements to choose from.
Pump Intensifier
The purpose of this lift is to take you safely beyond your comfort zone to the point of momentary muscular failure and even beyond it for a maximum pump.

This is where we get to have some fun with advanced training tactics.

For example; When you complete the final rep of the last set of an exercise you could add an extended rest-pause.

Simply rest 5-10 seconds and perform as many more reps as you can. Rest another 5-10 seconds and perform as many more reps as you can. Keep going until you can barely squeeze out a single rep with proper form. 

Taking that short 5-10 second rest allows you to safely push beyond the point of momentary muscular failure. It’s a fun technique for getting more work done in just a little bit of time.

Here’s a demonstration…
Another fun set extending technique is the mechanical advantage superset where you first perform the mechanically weaker lift in the superset to momentary muscular failure. Then without rest and without changing the weight you will perform the mechanically stronger lift.

For example; After reaching the point of momentary muscular failure with the cable fly, instead of resting and waiting to do another set, you could immediately perform the cable press. Because you are mechanically stronger with the cable press, you are able to continue working your chest muscles.

Here’s a demonstration…
Another way you could perform a mechanical advantage superset is after reaching the point of momentary muscular failure with the seated hammer curl where you lift both dumbbells at the same time… you could extend the set by standing up and alternating arms.

Here’s a demonstration…
A more common approach for extending a set is something that the best bodybuilders have been doing for decades, because it’s so darn effective. And that is triple dropsets.

After reaching the point of momentary muscular failure, you simply reduce the weight and keep going, reduce the weight and crank out as many more reps as possible, reduce the weight one more time and completely exhaust the target muscle.

Here’s a video demonstration…
I could share several more examples of advanced set extending techniques, but you get the idea.

Compared to the common approach of having a spotter help you awkwardly force out reps and risking injury, the above set extending techniques allow you to intelligently and safely push beyond failure. Experiencing a pump intensifying effect while causing significant growth inducing stress.

The above advanced training tactics are also time efficient and work wonders for fat loss while carving out the chiseled details of your physique.
The Secret To Rapid Recovery
As mentioned earlier... the common advice you'll find with workouts for men over 40 is to workout less in an effort to promote recovery. That's just lazy advice. Of course the less you workout the less you'll need to recover. But the less you workout, the less you progress.

The solution to getting jacked after 40 isn't to workout LESS. The secret to getting jacked after 40 is to apply strategies that allow you to recover faster while you workout MORE.

Advances in bodybuilding science have shown that training a muscle group twice per week is optimal for men over 40 with a desire to sculpt a ripped and muscular physique.

But how you workout the muscle each of those times will have a significant impact on how your body responds.

The above quality, efficient, and focused high volume workout will challenge you, while giving your body no choice but to progress.

But if you were to repeat the workout twice in one week it would be way too much volume and your muscles will never have a chance to fully recover.

This second workout should NOT fatigue your Central Nervous System (CNS) or place too much demand on your energy reserves.

This workout is short, sweet, and uses moderate to high rep sets to trigger the growth signal without causing a lot of muscle damage. 

Recent research has revealed that light weight high rep sets are just as effective for muscle growth as heavier low-moderate reps. This is great news for us “experienced” lifters, because lighter weight and higher reps is very easy on your joints.

With this workout you only need to perform one high rep exercise. Two at the absolute most.

If you’re sticking with one exercise you can even perform an advanced muscle building tactic such as a 100 rep set for the target muscle as demonstrated in this video…
At the end of this workout you’ll have a nice pump going. You’ll feel fresh and energized.

With this type of workout you'll be driving nutrient rich blood to your muscles, which will speed up your recovery.

And if you were experiencing any kind of muscle stiffness from the previous high volume workout, this second workout will loosen them up.
Maximum Efficiency and Empowerment
This approach is what I've coined the "PUNISH and PROD" workout split routine for men over 40.

What I’ve discovered through decades of coaching experience is that it’s best to include both a ‘punish’ and a ’prod’ component to each workout.

For example, when training legs twice per week you would punish the hamstrings and prod the quads the first workout and do the reverse the second workout.

1) It’s way more time efficient. Allowing you to stay mentally engaged and focused throughout the entire workout.

2) You walk out of each workout feeling a sense of accomplishment. As nice as it is to perform a ‘prod’ workout on its own and walk out of the gym with a nice little pump and feeling ‘fresh’… there’s something about the ‘punish’ workouts that make you feel empowered.
Rule #2 Forget Progressive Resistance
Trying to continuously add more weight to the bar was a great strategy when you were younger and new to training. But now that you're over 40 and closer to your genetic ceiling, trying to force strength gains that just aren't there can make you feel defeated while taking a toll on your joints and putting you at risk of injury. 

The consolation however, is that the best physiques are being built by men over 40 who have learned to check their ego at the door and lift weight much lighter than they did in their 20's.

The truth is there are much better methods of progressively overloading your muscles that are best suited for men over 40 who want to get jackedAt the top of the list is progressive volume.
Go For Progressive Training Volume
Training volume in the basic sense is how many sets you perform for each muscle group per week.

To progressively overload your muscles you'll want to begin with a moderately low volume of 10 to 14 sets per muscle group per week.

You can progress by adding 1 set weekly or by adding 2-4 sets each month. After a 12 to 16 week training block your volume should be in the 20+ sets per muscle group per week range.

At this point adding any more volume would create more damage than you can recover from. And maintaining the higher volume workouts would build up a lot of fatigue, which will take a toll on you over time and can beat your body up pretty good. Your body will also become desensitized to the stimulus -- Meaning that it no longer needs to change in order to handle the high training volume. You’re basically busting your butt in the gym with little to no pay off.

This is where introducing a low volume training phase of 8-12 sets per muscle group will benefit you in two very important ways;

1) The fatigue you’ve accumulated from the high volume training will dissipate. Allowing your body to fully recover. This is especially beneficial if you’ve been dealing with any nagging injuries, achy joints, or little niggles that you’ve been feeling during your workouts.

The result will be improved performance during your workouts as you begin to bump up the training volume again.

2) It will resensitize your muscles to the training stimulus. Meaning that when you shift from the low volume to a moderate training volume your muscles will be more responsive. And when you hit the high volume phase again they’ll be even more responsive.

Other benefits you may experience from a low volume phase are improved sleep, more energy, and more time to explore other fun activities that life has to offer.

As you can see, it's important to view progressive volume in waves where you build it up and pull it back. Gradually increasing the peak volume at the end of a training block over time. For example, if after 12-16 weeks of training you built your volume up to 22 sets, you'll progress by aiming for 23 sets at the end of your next 12-16 week training block.

This is the kind of progressive overload that took Mike from feeling beat up all of the time and constantly dealing with nagging shoulder injuries -- to feeling vibrant, youthful, empowered, and jacked. Completely transforming his physique at 54 years young and now in the best shape of his life...
Rule #3 GET Lean STAY Lean
Get lean and stay lean is the code to live by when getting jacked after 40. There are two very important reasons for this;

1) Visual Impact

When you get lean you will increase the aesthetic appeal of your physique. Meaning that your body will look more visually impressive and stunning.

Getting lean and revealing the chiseled details of your muscles will also create the illusion of having a much bigger physique.

To give you an example when I was 40-50 pounds fatter most people were pretty good at guessing my weight. Yet, ever since getting ripped most people guess that I am 20-30 pounds more muscular. 

But there are even more important reasons for getting lean first other than vanity.

2) Optimized Hormones

When you have become ripped and shift your attention to building muscle, a larger portion of your gains will be in the form of lean mass.

The predictor of the percentage of muscle vs fat you will gain during a muscle building phase is referred to as the partitioning ratio or p-ratio.

There are multiple factors at play here, one being insulin, which delivers glucose to your cells. Your level of body fat determines which cells the glucose will be delivered to first.

When your body fat is higher, the glucose gets delivered to your fat cells first, which signals your body to store fat.

When your body fat is lower glucose gets delivered to your muscle cells first.

Therefore, when you get lean and stay lean (approximately 8-12% body fat for men) a greater percentage of your weight gained during a muscle building phase will come in the form of lean muscle tissue when you keep your caloric surplus in check.

Getting lean and staying lean is how you will gain more bang for your buck from your effort to get jacked after 40.

And the best part is that you'll always look your absolute best!
Say Goodbye To Bulking and Cutting
Common advice is to "not be afraid of letting go of your abs during a muscle building phase." This was great advice when you're in your teens and early 20's, but no such great advice when you want to get jacked after 40.

Forget about those old rules of bulking and cutting. It's not worth it. And I should know -- Unfortunately I've learned the hard way.

Against my better judgement, in recent years there have been three muscle building phases where I fell victim to this bulk and cut approach. Each time I gained 20 pounds and then had to spend 12 weeks burning off the excess fat. The end result was very little muscle gained.

And the worse part was that I spent most of that building phase feeling unhappy with my appearance. It didn't make sense -- after finally getting ripped after 40 and feeling the best I had ever felt, I was guilted (by other coaches) into letting it all go and made to feel inferior for wanting to keep my abs while building muscle.

But after 3 strikes, this common advice was OUT!

This video captured the last time that I ever had to go through a 12 week cutting phase...
How I felt at the beginning of that cutting phase and how I felt afterwards was night and day. I vowed to never allow myself to feel uncomfortable in my skin ever again.

It was at that point where I decided to get lean and stay lean. Taking a much slower and steady approach to muscle building. And damn has it ever paid off!
Just this past year I added 7 pounds to my frame without steroids, hormone replacement therapy, or fancy supplements. All that was required was a very gentle caloric surplus along with a strategically designed workout system.

Staying lean allowed me to spend nearly the entire year in an anabolic muscle building state with very little time spent trying to burn excess fat. Whereas the common approach to muscle building has you spending a good chunk of your year dieting down in a state of deprivation.

And the best part is that I was ecstatic, confident, and proud of how I looked throughout the entire muscle building process.

Getting jacked after 40 is all about getting lean, staying lean, and having fun with the transformation and growth process.  
Here's Your Action Plan To Get Jacked After 40...
Now you could take these new rules of getting jacked after 40 and create your own personal workout plan...

...But I want to make things even easier for you by eliminating all of the guesswork

I want to provide you with 100% clarity so you reap the full benefits from this hardcore and joint friendly approach to working out over 40.

Which is why I created the Jacked After 40 Shred System for men over 40 just like you, who want to live the prime of their lives with confidence, vitality, ripped abs, and rock solid muscle!
Jacked After 40 Workout Plans
The 12-week Jacked After 40 Shred System is broken down into three unique training phases lasting 28 days each.

This progressive training system...
  • Is designed to work specifically for an aging physique that has spent years under the bar.
  • Challenges your body with fun, joint-friendly, and hardcore workouts that will have you walking out of the gym feeling invigorated, pumped, empowered, and alive!
  • Accelerates your recovery with its unique "punish and prod" split routine.
  • With built-in program flexibility to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

    This 'variable frequency' approach allows you to follow the plan 4, 5, or 6 days per week without effecting progress.
  • Includes advanced training techniques that vary every month. This will challenge your body in unique ways and keep your enthusiasm sky high!
  • Training volume is strategically progressed from month to month to keep your physique continuously improving.
NOTE: These insanely effective workouts are designed to be used in a gym. These are NOT home workouts that can be done with just dumbbells. If you have access to very limited equipment the Jacked After 40 Shred System is not for you.
Workout Log Sheets
The Jacked After 40 Shred System workout plans include printable workout sheets for those who prefer to put pen to paper and track your progress during your transformation.

Ensuring that you achieve the BEST results possible.

They are in PDF format, can be printed out, and can be downloaded onto your phone as well.
Follow Along Workout Videos
Each exercise in the pdf is hyperlinked to a video demonstration.

This is your backstage pass to observe the proper way to perform the exercises in each Jacked After 40 Shred System workout plan.
The proper execution of each exercise will make a world of a difference in the aesthetically pleasing results you achieve.
7 Day Meal Plan and Nutrition Guidelines
Sculpt a ripped and muscular physique by following the simple Jacked After 40 nutrition guidelines and complete 7 day meal plan.

The Jacked After 40 Meal Plan provides you with the structure you’ve been seeking to help you stick with your diet consistently so you can finally shred that stubborn fat and carve out the ripped physique you deserve.

The meals are simple, easy to prepare, and absolutely delicious! Making this your recipe for fat loss success.
You'll receive direction in regards to how much you should eat and clarity on hot topics such as:
  • How and why you should include your favorite treats in your meal plan.
  • The best pre and post workout nutrition strategy.
  • Should you eat breakfast or skip it?
  • How many meals should you eat every day?
  • Should you include refeed days and cheat meals in your nutrition plan?
Working with the changing needs of your body, the Jacked After 40 Shred System is aggressive when energy reserves are high and increases your fuel intake when energy reserves are low.

This is where most fat loss plans fall short. They start aggressive and when you hit a plateau they cut your food consumption even more. Becoming increasingly restrictive and skyrocketing fat storing stress hormones at the worst possible time.

A properly designed meal plan to sculpt your beach body should include all of your favourite foods to fuel your lifestyle. It should work with your body and provide adequate fuel when it's needed the most. That’s the beauty of flexible dieting.

I always make room for my favourite gourmet burgers and sushi.
When you strategically consume these foods, it can be the key to your long term success.

With the Jacked After 40 Shred System you get the optimal diet guidelines to fuel your fat burning lifestyle.
Coach Scott's 12 Week Food Journal
This is your back stage pass to see exactly how an experienced veteran of the fat loss game eats to get Jacked After 40.
  • You'll see absolutely everything that went into my mouth during that final 12 week cutting phase that I shared above -- releasing 20 pounds of unwanted fat from my body.
  • Caloric content of each meal and the reasons behind the caloric target for each day.
  • Video footage of my daily meals and insights into how each day of eating impacted me physically and emotionally.
Jacked After 40 Cardio and Lifestyle Guide
This is the foundation that all of your fat loss success is built upon.
  • Managing and releasing stress to create on optimal hormonal environment to melt fat.
  • Improving quality and quantity of sleep for optimal recovery and appetite control.
  • Active recovery techniques that exponentially increase your caloric burn throughout the day while bringing joy to your life and releasing feel good fat burning hormones.
  • When applying these techniques your performance during your weight training sessions will dramatically improve.
  • Waste products, such as lactic acid will easily be removed from your working muscles and nutrients will be rapidly shuttled to your recovering muscle post workout to help them rebuild faster.
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        Just like Rick who's in the best shape of his life in his mid-50's and living life to the fullest...
        Here's some clips of Rick in action following the Jacked After 40 workouts...
        "Everything You Need To Immediately Begin
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        With the Jacked After 40 Shred System you have a complete step by step blueprint to follow. 

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        This system includes:
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        • Follow along instructional videos.
        • Workout log sheets to print out or view on your phone/tablet.
        • Nutrition guidelines, 7 day meal plan, and coach Scott's 12-week food journal​to fuel your ripped and muscular physique.
        It couldn’t get any more simple. But this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

        Getting Jacked is going to take hard work and dedication on your part. You’ll need to give your very best effort while striving for your true potential.

        Don’t worry. You have what it takes.

        So let’s show the world what you’re made of!
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                    Your Questions, Answered
                    Q: What is the Jacked After 40 Shred System and why is it the best way to sculpt a ripped and muscular physique that commands respect? 

                    The Jacked After 40 Shred System is strategically designed for an aging physique that's spent years under the bar. Working with your body to burn fat by progressing with the changing needs of your body as your energy reserves decrease the deeper you get into the 12-week cutting phase.

                    The structure of each workout will take the guesswork out of your training while the variety adds excitement to each session.

                    Each plan has built in variable frequency so it's easy to adapt to your current lifestyle rather than forcing your lifestyle to fit a rigid plan.

                    Physique Training is the BEST for getting jacked after 40, because it applies a synergistic combination of exercises and protocol with a focus on developing spectacular symmetry and ideal proportions. Physique Training creates a finished and polished look that is both impressive and attractive.

                    Q: Is the Jacked After 40 Shred System ideal for me? 

                    If you want ripped abs, biceps that stretch your sleeves, and a rock solid chiseled body without the process taking over your life... then ABSOLUTELY The Jacked After 40 Shred System is for you!

                    Q: Is The Jacked After 40 Shred System for men, women, or both? 

                    The Jacked After 40 Shred System is designed men, but man women enjoy it too!

                    Q: Is the Jacked After 40 Shred System a muscle building program or fat loss program? 

                    The Jacked After 40 Shred System is incredibly effective for helping you get ripped after 40, but it's also great for building muscle after 40.

                    Q: Do I need a gym membership to participate in the Jacked After 40 Shred System? 

                    The Jacked After 40 Shred System is designed to be used in a gym or a VERY well equipped home gym.

                    Q: Will the Jacked After 40 Shred System work for men over 50? 

                    Absolutely! There are many men over the age of 50 who have been experiencing fantastic results from the The Jacked After 40 Shred System. You're never too old to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life.

                    Q: Is the Jacked After 40 Shred System suitable for a beginner? 

                    No. The Jacked After 40 Shred System is designed for experienced intermediate and advanced lifters.

                    Q: Is the Jacked After 40 Shred System available on dvd or hard copy book? 

                    There is no hard copy or dvd. This is a downloadable program, which includes ebook in Adobe acrobat PDF format, audios in mp3 format, and online videos, which you can download to your computer or iPod.

                    Q: Is it safe to purchase the Jacked After 40 Shred System online? 

                    Yes, the checkout page is on a secure server.

                    Q: What if it doesn't work for me? 

                    If for any reason at all you do not feel that this program is for you within 30 days, let me know and I'll process your refund immediately.
                    Get Immediate Access To The
                    Jacked After 40 Shred System
                    and Sculpt Your Best Body Ever!

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