The Fastest Way To Get Shredded After 40 Is With Clarity, Direction, and Support
Scott Tousignant
Hey there, coach Scott at your service.

Here to help you eliminate confusion and overwhelm from your transformation journey.

Guiding you step by step as you finally carve out the ripped and muscular physique you've been yearning for. 
Being over 40 is an advantage when it comes to transforming your body.

Chalk it up to life experiences, maturity, being more in-tune with who you are, and having a more structured routine in your life. 

Nothing excites me more than hearing from men over 40 who are finally ready to get their shit together and sculpt the kind of physique they've always envisioned for themselves.

Young 20-something's with abs are a dime a dozen. They blend in with the crowd.

But seeing a guy over 40 sporting an attractive beach body... well that's freak'n inspiring and commands respect!

This can be you. It should be you. And I can help get you there.
Forget all this nonsense about 40 being over the hill.

I believe that you have years and even decades of progress ahead of you.

Over 40 is Prime Time baby! There is no better time for you to transform your body than right now.
Why Settle For Average
When You Can Be Extraordinary?
Scott Toiusignant
These are pics of me in my mid-30's Most people thought I looked good. And I did. But I felt that my appearance didn't look congruent with the image I had for myself. I felt average and that just didn't sit well with me.

That layer of fat around my lower belly and love handles robbed me of my confidence. And it was much worse when I sat down and the roll of fat hung over my shorts.

Sure, compared to most guys my age I looked good, but I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.
And that's nothing compared to how I felt during my late 20's and early 30's when I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach.

Having grown up a skinny guy who struggled to gain weight during my teenage years this was really tough for me to wrap my head around.

Each morning when I stepped out of the shower, the image I saw reflecting back at me in the mirror was not congruent with who I am.

It was depressing... literally.

I share this, because chances are I'm a lot like you in many ways.
I'm not some genetic freak who's always been shredded. I'm just your average guy. I've faced my fair share of struggles and challenges.

I can relate to you on many levels as I'm sure you can relate to me. That's what makes us a great fit to work together towards achieving your physique goals.
Getting shredded after 40 wasn't easy, but it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever gone through.

And the best part... it set the stage for ongoing success and adventure. I've never looked back. Continuously growing and improving in countless ways.

That's how I know this is a true lifestyle approach.

And now, at 44 years young I'm feeling on top of the world with confidence soaring above the clouds. Living life to the fullest with zest, pride, and vigour.
Scott Tousignant Jacked After 40
Bringing Back The Fun To Training Over 40
There are two main reasons my coaching clients experience great success as I have;

1) I keep nutrition simple.

2) I make training fun! It's what I excel at.

I love geeking out on program design. Creating training plans and systems that spark your enthusiasm. Igniting the fire within you to give your best effort, because you are having a blast in the process.

It's the kind of joint friendly, yet hardcore physique training that makes you look smoke'n hot and feel young again.
Now It's Your Turn!
You visited this page because of your desire to improve your physique.

And because you know that having the guidance, support, and accountability from an experienced coach will provide you with the quickest path to achieving your goal.

Now it's time to take action...